Nokia introduces a new collection that consumers will love, trust and want to keep


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Global HMD, the company that makes Nokia phones and accessories, today announces the largest launch to date that includes six new smartphones – the Nokia X20, Nokia X10, Nokia G20, Nokia G10, Nokia C20 and Nokia C10 – which fall into three distinct lines.
The X series phones are the best in their range, the middle G class and the basic C class as a whole, providing the quality experience consumers have come to expect from the European mobile company. Thanks to their industry-leading safety, durability and commitment to the latest operating software, these products are built to last inside and out, so you can keep your phone for longer.
Florian Sisch, CEO of HMD Global, said: “Today we are witnessing a milestone that is more important than the launch of a regular product. The past twelve months have been challenging without a doubt, but they have given us a moment to pause, think, and prepare for the next big step in our journey to begin. As a Finnish company, our approach to technology and business is human-centered and this is reflected in this new range of smartphones. We want people to love their phones. And reinforces the launch of HMD Mobile – a milestone in our journey to be a one-stop-shop for everything related to mobile phones – that, and that’s just the beginning. We want you to trust that we put security at the center of everything we do – Nokia phones come with software and security updates for added peace of mind. We also want people to keep their phones for longer, thanks to our popular durability. ”
Stephen Taylor, Marketing Director at HMD GLOBAL said: “For our team, the innovation is to think about creating experiences of high value for those who have not previously accessed it. Millions of people depend on a Nokia device for their daily needs, from basic communication functions, to payments and creativity. We care about people who trust their phones. That’s why we’re providing pioneering security features across the various new X, G and C Series devices – everyone deserves to feel secure. We also care about people who keep their phones for longer. Thanks to a promised upgrade plan and durability, these products are built to last the inside out. And we want people to continue to love their phones. The X Series allows us to capture the benefits of our high-level partnership with Qualcomm and ZEISS Optics. Whereas, the G-Class is all about finding the perfect balance between specifications and offering an affordable price. As for the C-Class, it is based on bringing valuable technology to the smartphone market. I feel honored to have reached the niche that we were longing for in this frenzied competition. ”

The launch of the X Series with the Nokia X20 and Nokia X10

The Nokia X20 and Nokia X10 are proudly at the top of the new lineup. These two smartphones, which exceed the limits of the mid-range phones, provide experiences and quality above their price range. Both are powered by the latest Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 480 5G Mobile Platform processor that delivers groundbreaking performance and 5G global connectivity capabilities. The Nordic design, from which all Nokia smartphones are designed, meet with security and software updates over the course of three years to provide additional peace of mind. Equipped with the basic AndroidTM One interface, these phones come with Android 11 directly. It also boasts famous ZEISS optics and innovative AI solutions, placing it at the heart of diverse and stunning imaging options. And with a 6.67-inch wide screen with Full HD + punch-hole design, you’ll see content on an eye-catching crisp screen. The Nokia X20 and Nokia X10 also come with fully organic cases in their retail box – designed to be tough on the ground and environmentally friendly, and reduce waste, so you can keep your phone away from landfills and keep it in your hands for longer.
The Nokia X20 comes with an impressive 32MP front camera and 64MP rear quad camera. The all-new Dual Sight feature also activates both cameras at the same time, so you can shoot multiple sides or multiple angles of the story. Then you can improve it further with a host of watermark options.
Adding exceptional value to its class, the Nokia X10 will delight people with its 48MP cinematic quad-camera features with a full suite of professional editing tools, so you can personalize your style and share premium content that inspires others.

The G-Class launched with the Nokia G20 and Nokia G10

The G Series represents the perfect balance in meeting all your daily needs through technology that provides direct solutions to problems. Both phones in the G Series feature three days of battery life – the longest battery life ever in a Nokia smartphone. The Nokia G20 is backed by the popular Android promises of Nokia smartphones. This means three years of monthly security updates to help keep your data as safe as possible and two years of operating system updates. It is the first phone to join the G-Class, which has improved security features and is renowned for its continuity thanks to the features of face recognition, side fingerprint and a stunning 6.5-inch display with a teardrop design and an appropriate brightness boost.
The Nokia G20 is a creative studio that fits in the palm of your hand. And with an amazing 48MP camera, ample storage and immersive OZO surround sound, you can capture your memorable moments and relive them in all their glory.
Nokia G10 has a triple rear camera and advanced photography modes enhanced with advanced AI, so your memories are perfectly preserved even in difficult low-light conditions.

Adding the Nokia C20 and Nokia C10 to the C-Class

The C-Series adds incredible value and puts high-quality smartphone technology within the reach of everyone. The latest additions to the popular segment also offer well-liked features like the 6.5-inch wide screen with HD + clarity, at amazing prices. In addition to Android 11TM (Go edition), the addition of 20% faster speeds, enhanced security features, as well as the durability of Nokia smartphones with two-year quarterly security updates.
The Nokia C20 is a premium smartphone that comes with prominent features including front and back LED flash to capture those special moments even in low light.
The Nokia C10 is the most affordable device in the new line of phones. It is backed by superior manufacturing quality and elegant Nordic design, which has been included in the range as a result of rigorous testing. Its comfortable, microscopic finish confirms that it is built to last.

HMD Mobile continues the success of HMD Connect

By introducing HMD Global’s new mobile network, HMD Mobile brings simplicity and value to its mobile customers. Entering its first market as a mobile autonomous virtual network operator (MVNO), HMD is following in the footsteps of the success of the brand of global roaming solutions, HMD Connect, which launched in March 2020. The new service will launch in the UK this month, with the planned global deployment phased in.
“HMD Global is built on trust, simplicity and flexibility, with consumers paying for the benefits they use every day without subscriptions or fixed-term installments,” said Jan Letosolo, Vice President of Services at HMD Global. This historic launch embodies our ambition to be the flagship of all your mobile technology needs. ”
Expanding Nokia audio accessories with Nokia Lite Earbuds
The Nokia Lite Earbuds are for sale globally today, and feature easy touch control, voice assistant and call making. And just like the luxurious design and amazing battery life of Nokia phones, the pocket-sized case will charge your reliable headphones about six more times. Equivalent to 36 hours of lean operation, nearly double the applicable standard.
Pricing and Availability
The Nokia X20 will be available in reddish yellow and blue-gray colors and comes in the 128GB memory and storage configuration.
The Nokia X10 will be available in forest green and snow white and comes in 6 / 128GB of storage and storage variants.
The Nokia G20 will be available in night (Navy) and Ice Blue colors, and it comes in 4/128 GB of memory and storage configuration.
The Nokia G10 will be available in night (navy) and blue-violet colors, and it comes in 4/64 GB of memory and storage configuration.
The Nokia C20 will be available in sandy brown and navy blue and comes in 2/32 GB of memory and storage variants.
The Nokia C10 will be available in light purple and gray colors and comes in 1 / 32GB of memory and storage configuration
Nokia Lite Earbuds (BH205) will be available

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