Noha Nabil raises controversy by announcing that she has found magic in her home


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The Kuwaiti fascinist aroused Noha NabilAn argument among her followers due to a video clip, which Qiyeh claimed, that she had found a charm inside her house, in the form of a severed rooster head, to differentiate her from her husband and children.

Noha Nabil raises controversy by talking about Sahar in her home

In a video clip of her via the Snapchat application, she said Nabil forbade She was shocked when she found this magic, even though she completely surrounded her home with surveillance cameras from all directions, and she did not notice this.

She added, “We encountered something strange in our garden, I was photographing, and if Abanoub was calling for me and saying something strange here, and I would go and see what I see with a slaughtered rooster head.”

Noha Nabil threatened the one who did this, commenting: “I am real, not absorbed, a rooster slaughtered in my garden, and God is not able to absorb it, what is the head of a rooster? This is the magic of Tafriq, but I will hunt you. I have cameras everywhere in the house and the garden, and I will cut off your head and place it in the place of the rooster. “

The video sparked a great controversy among the followers, who seemed amazed at what Noha Nabil said, while some confirmed that these things are actually happening, while some followers rejected the matter, considering that it might be the leftovers of a cat’s food.

The comments came: “I seek refuge in the Lord of the fracture, in which the faith of hatred and envy is no longer present in the two days,” “How do you hold magic in your hand? “I don’t know, but people have their hearts blacked out.”

Noha Nabil denies her pregnancy

And the artist was surprised Buthaina Al Raisi The audience made a video clip in which she appeared next to Noha Nabil, to announce the famous artist about the latter’s pregnancy, but the Kuwaiti media reaction sparked controversy over what the main announced.

Buthaina Al Raisi said in the video clip: “Hear the exclusive news from me, Noha Nabil is pregnant, pregnant is pregnant, take the news from me for certainty, the information I have is sure.” However, Noha Nabil’s reaction sparked controversy. As soon as the Kuwaiti artist announced the news, Noha Nabil expressed her shock and screamed.

Buthaina Al-Raisi’s video sparked a lot of reactions from the followers of the two stars, as the comments poured out on Buthaina Al-Raisi as soon as she published the clip in which she announced the pregnancy of Noha Nabil, to appear between the congratulatory comments of the Kuwaiti media and the sarcastic one among these comments: We are born or how, “” My life has changed, I don’t know, had it not been for the news, I wouldn’t know what to do. “

Nabil and the money laundering case prohibited

It is noteworthy that Noha Nabil is one of the famous Kuwaiti people involved in the famous money laundering case. However, with the developments of the case, the Kuwaiti Attorney General issued his decision to lift the reservation on the funds and accounts of 3 famous social media sites involved in the famous money laundering case, known in the media as “Celebrity money laundering case“, In a new development of the final stages of the famous case.


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