Niva, for vaccines, adopts a new mechanism in the absence of an agreement with Europe


Paris: “AFP”

The French-Austrian laboratories, Valneva, announced on Wednesday that they will hold talks with each country separately, in the absence of an agreement with the European Union to supply it with its next vaccine against Covid 19.

Valneva said that discussions with the European Union had not made “much progress” so far. The group, which announced at the beginning of April, added positive preliminary results for the first phase of its clinical study on its possible vaccine, that it would not give “priority to the discussions currently underway with the Commission.” ». About the central delivery of vaccines».

The statement quoted Valneva CEO Thomas Lingelbach as saying, “We have devoted a lot of time and effort to meet the requirements of the central procurement process of the European Commission,” expressing his regret that no agreement was reached with the European Union.

He continued: “We are focusing our efforts now on the member states of the European Union and interested parties from outside the Union, who wish to include our method of inactivated virus in their vaccination plan.”

On January 12, the European Union announced the completion of “preliminary talks” with Valneva, and its intention to purchase about 60 million doses.

A final agreement has not yet been reached despite the delay in vaccine supplies, which has exposed the European Union to criticism for the slowdown in the vaccination campaign, compared to its British neighbor in particular.

So far, the vaccines for Moderna, Pfizer / Biontec and AstraZeneca are available in the European Union. On Tuesday, the European Medicines Agency considered that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which many countries rely on, can be used to speed up vaccination campaigns, and the benefits remain greater than its risks.

As for the Valneva Group, which is based in Nantes, Britain, for its part, concluded an agreement with it in July 2020, before signing a partnership last September for the possibility of purchasing 190 million doses for a maximum value of 1.4 billion euros, and the country has already requested 100 million doses for a year. 2021-2022, according to the group’s statement, Wednesday.

In early February, Managing Director Frank Grimo said: “Britain responded first, probably because we were already there, and also because they immediately believed in our inactivated virus technology.” She was the first to respond and made a suggestion to help us.

Valneva is developing a vaccine that uses the well-known inactivated virus technology, a process that creates an immune response in patients by injecting them with a virus deprived of its ability to harm.

The laboratory is preparing a study for the third phase, which is the last before obtaining a possible license, and it is supposed to start at the end of April, and he hopes to launch it this fall.


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