Neymar … a “new tone” in talking about “the future” with Saint-Germain


The French team lost to the defending champion with a clean goal, on Tuesday, but qualified for the golden square through the base goal outside the ground.

After the meeting, he said Neymar The star of the French capital’s attack on the Brazilian network “TNT Sports” The renewal of his contract with the club “is not a matter anymore.”

The club opened the door to dialogue with the current 29-year-old in order to renew his contract in the “Princes’ Stadium”, which expires at the end of next season, amid speculation that negotiations will falter and Neymar’s desire to return to Barcelona, ​​Spain He left in the summer of 2017 for 222 million euros in the biggest deal in football history.

However, Neymar spoke in a completely different accent, and said after skipping Bayern: “I don’t think this (renewal) is an issue anymore. Obviously, I feel very comfortable at home in Paris Saint-Germain. I feel happier than before. “

Neymar also defended himself after celebrating loudly at the end of the match, against Joshua Kimmich of Bayern Munich.

He continued, “I did not celebrate as a result of his provocation. I celebrated with Leo Paredes and Kimmich was in front of me. It was destiny that Kimmish was there as well. (Kimmish said before the match) that his team is better and they will qualify as if they secured their place in the semi-finals.”

Paris Saint-Germain will know its opponent in the semi-finals, on Wednesday, where the qualifying party will meet Manchester City, England, and Borussia Dortmund, Germany, knowing that the first one won the first leg 2-1.


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