Newcastle FC: Who are Saudi Arabia’s partners in the bid to acquire the English club?


Players from New Castle

Photo released, Serena Taylor/Gettyimages

On April 15, the British newspaper “The Guardian” revealed that the Saudi Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, had asked the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to intervene to pass the deal to acquire the English football club Newcastle.

The newspaper reported that a leaked letter published by the “Daily Mail” newspaper showed that the Saudi crown prince had asked Johnson in June 2020 to intervene “so that the English Premier League would reconsider the matter and retract its wrong decision.”

The deal is worth 300 million pounds and dates back to April 2020 when the current club owner Mike Ashley agreed to sell it to a group of three partners: the Saudi Investment Fund headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Robin Brothers Company represented by Jimmy Rubin, and businesswoman Amanda. Stifley. The group described itself as an “independent, purely commercial investment”.

However, the English Premier League stopped completing the deal in May 2020, and said that it was not possible to ascertain the extent of the independence of the Saudi Investment Fund from the Saudi state, and it requested further investigations to ensure the independence of the Saudi party.


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