New Look Sports responds to the accusations and establishes its right to broadcast television


The Chairman of the Board of Directors of “New Look Sports” Bodi Maalouli and the company’s lawyer, Ashraf Safi El-Din, held a joint press conference in the press club hall this afternoon in the presence of a number of visual and written media representatives, in which he responded to the accusations against the company on the issue of television rights for the Basketball League Lebanese, and the fallacies through which the company’s image was distorted in front of public opinion, portraying it as wanting to harm clubs, coaches and players and overthrowing the entire sports season, while New Look Sports was their first and main supporter for many years, especially when it abandoned them all. Other visual media.

Maalouli said, “During all my years in the field of sports transportation, I did not limit my duties towards anyone, nor did I breach any contract I signed with the Basketball Federation or any other party, and I also did not digest the rights of employees, players or administrators as they claim today out of bad faith.” . And he proved his company’s right to the priority of television broadcasting with official documents and proofs, especially clause 2.6 of the book of conditions for the 2016-2017 season extended for the 2020 season and signed between the Lebanese Federation and New Look Sports. Maalouli also focused on Clause 6 related to force majeure, which literally states that in If the men’s tournament is not completed and does not end with the crowning of a champion for Lebanon for any reason, then the stages and matches are divided and their value is financially determined, provided that the first-stage matches for men are counted at $ 250,000, and the Final “8” until the final stage at $ 500,000 (if completed The championship, and from where it stopped, an account clearing process is conducted in light of the amounts mentioned on the “Prorata” method for each of the two aforementioned stages).

Maalouli added, “However, the federation refused to conduct accounting under this contract, and insisted on receiving the sums of“ Alfa ”that had a partnership contract with“ New Look Sports ”from me personally, despite the absence of any administrative or financial relationship between the Basketball Association and“ Alfa ”. , While the official relationship was confined to “New Look Sports” and “Alfa” only.

Maalouli stressed that the rights of all clubs and players are preserved in the event that the right is returned to its owners, pledging to provide the most beautiful and brilliant picture in the transfer of matches as the company has been used to since 2005, and expressing the company’s willingness to pay all the dues that may result from it if the union commits to contracting with it according to the right of priority It is clearly stated in the written agreement signed between the game association and the company.

For his part, the lawyer, Safi El-Din, affirmed that the Law of Extension of Deadlines and Bank Guarantee and the willingness of New Look Sports to pay its obligations according to contracts, as well as its willingness to exercise its duties according to priority, are offers and a right that the company has demanded and is demanding by the company through resorting to the judiciary and not through the media. One of them is that the judiciary is the right and correct place to obtain rights.


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