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The Egyptian artist, Murad Makram, revealed new developments regarding the health of the Egyptian artist Khaled Al-Nabawi.

Murad Makram published on his Facebook page the news that Khaled al-Nabawi recovered and was discharged from the hospital after the recent health illness that afflicted him as a result of his infection with the new Corona virus, to return home.

Mona al-Maghribi, the wife of the artist Khaled al-Nabawi, asked his fans on April 9th ​​to pray for him without revealing the details of his health condition.“.

Hours after her other publication, the artist Khaled al-Nabawi was transferred to intensive care in a major hospital in Cairo due to the repercussions of his infection with the emerging corona virus, and he remained in care until his condition became significantly stable, according to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Watan.

The Prophet reassured his fans of his health through a tweet through his official account on “Twitter”, saying: “Good evening to all dear loved ones .. Praise be to God at the end of the isolation period, God willing, get out of it well .. Corona disease is dangerous, may God protect you from it. I wish all people a speedy recovery. “.

He also made sure to congratulate his fans on the occasion of the month of Ramadan, “Every year you are good, and Ramadan is generous to you and to Egypt, and the entire Arab and Islamic nation“.



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