NASA succeeds in a second test of the Mars helicopter


NASA succeeds in a second test of the Mars helicopter


Archival photo

On Thursday, April 22, NASA said its experts conducted a second successful test of the Mars helicopter that was delivered to the red planet by the American Perseverance probe.

The statement said the Ingenuity helicopter made a second successful flyby of Mars and took black and white photographs.

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NASA orders its Martian helicopter to repeat the flight over the red planet

Moreover, it broke records in terms of flight altitude, duration of suspension in the air and lateral flight.

NASA explained that the helicopter climbed to a height of 5 meters to hang in the air for a short period first, then deviated from the place of attachment to two meters, then hung again in the air and turned around to direct the camera in various directions, then the helicopter returned to the take-off place to land in it.

The 1.8-kilogram Ingenuity helicopter ascended on April 19 to a height of 3 meters above the surface of Mars and took 39.1 seconds to fly at the time.

Source: TASS


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