“NASA” is postponing the date of the first flight of the helicopter “Ingenuity” over the planet Mars


NASA announced today, Sunday, that it has postponed the date of the first flight of the small helicopter “Ingenuity” over the planet Mars, due to a possible technical problem that was detected during the plane’s test.

The American (Al-Hurra) channel reported that it was expected that the first helicopter flight would be launched over Mars today.

The “NASA” team stopped its experiments on the helicopter – which weighs about 1.8 kg – ahead of schedule due to an alert related to a possible malfunction.

NASA stated that “the helicopter team is reviewing the readings sent to diagnose and understand the problem, and will then reschedule the maximum speed test,” confirming that the helicopter is “safe and in good condition,” and that it was able to send information to the ground.

“NASA” described the helicopter flight as “unprecedented” and “fraught with many risks”, and confirmed that it could lead to the collection of invaluable data on conditions on Mars … adding that its helicopter flight would represent a technical demonstration of the first flight powered by energy on Mars. Mars.


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