Nancy Ajram challenges Amir Karara


Published by the Lebanese artistNancy Ajram, A picture on her own page on the social networking site, in which she appeared next to the Egyptian artistAmir Karara, Who is more tall than her, but she used a chair to stand on it, to become taller than him, and jokingly commented on the picture, “Bdemmkm .. Who is taller?” While threatening his repetition, also joking that he has the picture that shows her standing on the chair, saying: “I have the picture The one in which is the whole chair, “Nancy answered, asking:” Which chair? ” This is not the first time that Nancy uses something to stand on to avoid the height difference with another person, as she appeared in a picture two years ago, with her husband Fadi Al-Hashem, also published it through her account on her own page on the social networking site, and appeared in it while she was standing on a table Wooden, to compensate for the height difference between her and her husband, and attached her to a comment: “Who is taller?” With the sarcastic emoji too.


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