Naguib Zahi Zarkash … on the edge between reality and fantasy


A calm and different contrasting tone, in which he stands on the shore of the drama of the character, and at the same time he moves with a carefully calculated margin of “fantasy”, we do not look at him at a completely realistic angle of view, nor is it completely imaginary, as it is a mixture between them.

The information circulating about the origin of that family has absolutely nothing to do with the documented history. In the first episode, actor Mohamed Mahmoud tells about the family’s origins and its role in Egyptian artistic history, specifically CinemaThe choice of cinema is not random, it gives the first thread to the imagination, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that cinema originated Egypt.

Mohamed Mahmoud, this actor whose name may not have been known by many before the first episode of (Zarkash), stands for the first time a parallel and active hero with Yahya Al-Fakharani, to provide information about the family history and the characters that we will meet, and he breaks the imaginary line with the audience, awakens in you what is beyond The story, where the mind is aware of the shadows of the story, not the story.

Muhammad Mahmoud is not only satisfied with playing this role in the first episode, but the mental awakening game continues with the succession of episodes, and many strings are reconstituted.

Such actions, out of context and ordinary, lean on a credible star, but rather an accumulation of qualitative successes, which is exactly the case for Yahya Al-Fakharani, The owner of the largest balance of dramatic marks in the Arab world through more than four decades.

Al-Fakharani stands again with the writer Abdul Rahim Kamal After their first meeting in (Sheikh Al-Arab Hammam) more than ten years ago, successes multiplied, and we reached the culmination of the presence of Shadi Al-Fakharani, the director, in the 2012 series (Al-Khawaja Abdul Qadir), and the works that collected this triad were numerous, such as (News) and (Dahsha).

Yahya presents a character with the impact and spirit of his years, and also the rebellion that was one of his most important weapons for all those decades of time to survive.

Drama parallel character, Tarif or Muhammad Mahmoud (the Joker), who plays all the roles in Najib’s life, as he is the friend, secretary, driver and mastermind of many intrigues, as he has all the keys.

The writer Abd al-Rahim Kamal introduces a character (Zarkash) that has formal, kinetic and psychological components, while there are still those who judge the work of art morally, and so some provoked those cups of wine that Al-Fakharani drank, which was by chance in the first episode and was repeated afterwards, ignoring that it defines the features of Zarkash And it has nothing to do with who plays the role of Zarqash, as he used to narrate his relationship with time and his cessation of counting the years after the fourth cup, which also represents the fourth decade of life, as there is no point in continuing to count.

The precisely calculated margin of “fantasy” is represented in the ambiguity of a character Aura Luxurious (Shafiqah), whom we saw in the palace and settled down in a bedroom.

How did you infiltrate the villa and establish a relationship with Al-Fakharani? In her youth, she was a girl, Lil, before leaving, to fulfill her impossible wish and marry her, as if it was a moment outside of time, and so her departure came with the fulfillment of her impossible dream, to coincide with the dramatic case of the series.

Creative elements led by director Shadi Al-Fakharani, who deals professionally with Yahya Al-Fakharani, for he is the talented actor for him, and Al-Fakharani chooses Shady because he is the director who is able to present an artistic vision. finale episode .

The palace is the main place in which events take place, Khaled Amin excelled in drawing decoration, and Khaled Hammad’s music melts inside the cadre, and Sameh Selim paints and director of photography the general features of the palace with lighting that confirms the luxury.

Within the family, the character of the domineering sister Anushka (Sherine) and her daughter Rana Rais, who plays the role of (Nancy), and she is closest to Al-Fakharani’s heart, began to form, and the game continues with the entry of 3 young men, whom Al-Fakharani believes that his son is one of him.

And we have a pause with (Najeeb Zahi Zarkash) to see if the vision is complete?


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