Nabih and Abdel Maqsoud watch Zamalek 99 in front of Al Ismaily and the appearance of Ihab Jalal


Under the supervision of the technical services of the first team from both sides, young Zamalek and Ismaili youths, born in 1999, meet in the eighth round of the second phase of the Republic Championship, and Osama Nabih, the general coach of the first football team at Zamalek Club, and Ahmed Abdel Maksoud, the assistant coach, is present to watch the meeting, and Hazem is in front of the back. The right-hand side of the team, Tariq Yahya, head of the youth sectors, and Badr Hamed, director of the youth sector, while there are Ismaili Ihab Jalal, the technical director of the team, and Imad Suleiman, the general supervisor of football in the club.

A number of players, who were promoted to the team, and some of them participated in official matches, such as striker Osama Faisal and defender Hussam Abdel-Majid, with Zamalek youth, in forming the team to confront his Ismaili counterpart.

Zamalek is playing the match with a formation that includes Mohamed Fathy Qandil, goalkeeper, Ahmed Zaki, Hussam Abdul Majeed, Ahmed Reda, Hussam Hassan Dahir for the defense line, Hamdi Alaa, Ihab Youssef, Saif Farouk Jaafar, Hussein Faisal, Youssef Osama Nabih in the midfield and Osama Faisal in the attack.

Sitting on the bench were Seif El Din Sayed, goalkeeper, Mohamed Hamdy, Mustafa Khaled, Saif Mohsen, Syed Abdullah, Ahmed Mohamed Boutayeb and Yahya Moftah.

Zamalek is managed by technician Mohamed Mostafa “Memes”, assisted by Ahmed Mohsen and Muhammad Mustafa, Ayman al-Tawil, a guards coach, Hamdi Youssef, managing director of the team, and Mustafa Azab, a physiotherapist.

Counselor Hisham Ibrahim, deputy head of the commission in charge, was keen Managed by Zamalek ClubTo be present in the club’s youth stadium complex, to watch the club’s youth match, and the club’s vice president watched the match as part of the administration’s support for all sectors of the club.


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