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The Lebanese star participated Nadine Nassib Njeim Its audience and followers through the “Story” feature on its official account on the photo and video exchange site.Instagram“A picture she collected with her daughter (Haven), while she was in her arms, through which she observed the beauty and softness of her facial features while she was sleeping.

The Lebanese star attached that photo, which documented the appearance of her young daughter at a distinguished moment, with the comment, saying: “My morning is with her, my heart is moving,” and the interaction of a large number of the audience, followers and pioneers Social Media With that photo, they praised the girl’s innocence, beauty, and great similarity to her mother.

Backstage video .. Nadine Nassib Njeim training with live bullets with the security forces

In another context, the actress teasedNadine NjeimThe admiration of her followers, after the video she posted on her own page on the social networking site, in which she appeared alongside a group of Internal Security Forces, while she was training with them to shoot machine guns with live bullets, as part of her embodiment of Captain Sama’s role in “Series 2020“, Professionally and professionally.

وعلقت Nadine Njeim On this video, she said: “Behind the scenes, but frankly, a lot of creation, I enjoyed and learned. Thank you to the Internal Security Forces for your cooperation and training.”

It is reported that Series 2020 From the championship of stars Nadine Nassib NjeimQusay Khouli, Carmen Labis, Fadi Ibrahim, Hussein Moghadam, Rola Baqsmati, Junaid Zainuddin, Marita Al-Hillani, and with the participation of Randa Kaadi and Fouad Sharaf Al-Din, written by Bilal Shehadat and Nadine Jaber, directed by Philip Asmar, and produced by “Sabah Brothers” company.

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