Mutual recognition of coronavirus vaccination programs facilitates travel between Israel and Bahrain


The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Thursday that Israel and Bahrain have agreed to mutual recognition of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination programs for each of them, and to allow those who received the vaccine doses to travel without restrictions between the two countries.

The ministry said that this measure will help boost tourism, trade and economic relations between the two countries after the signing of an agreement to normalize relations between them under the auspices of the United States last year.

The ministry did not provide details on the date of the start of this new arrangement with Bahrain, but said it would reach similar agreements with other countries soon.

For its part, Bahrain News Agency said that Manama and Tel Aviv reached an agreement on the mutual recognition of vaccination and the green passport, and said that “this agreement is the first of its kind between the two countries, and it represents a global precedent for a bilateral agreement for the mutual recognition of vaccination certificates.”

The agency added that this agreement was reached after talks between Bahrain and Israel that took place in recent weeks, headed by Bahraini Foreign Minister Abdul Latif bin Rashid Al-Zayani and his Israeli counterpart Gabi Ashkenazi, as well as contacts between the Israeli embassy in Bahrain and the ministries of foreign affairs and health in both countries.

The agency added, “According to the agreement, people who have received vaccinations in both countries who have received a recognized vaccination in the other country will be exempt from quarantine, and they will also be able to enter places that require a” green passport. ” Vaccinate them with a vaccine that is not recognized by one of the two countries. ”

The agency considered that this agreement “will greatly facilitate entry into both countries,” and will “contribute to strengthening tourism, trade and economic relations between them.”

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