Most of the population of Europe supports the ban on the sale of combustion cars from 2030 – economic – cars


A YouGov poll for environmental activists said today that the majority of European city dwellers support a phase-out of combustion engine car sales from 2030 across Europe, in order to reduce greenhouse gases.

63 percent of the 10,050 people surveyed said they support the idea of ​​selling zero-emissions cars only in Europe after 2030.

The survey was conducted online last month in 15 cities, including London, Warsaw and Budapest. Twenty-nine percent of those polled opposed the idea of ​​stopping sales of gasoline and diesel cars, while 8 percent said they did not know.

Most of the respondents in all cities – ranging from 51 percent in Antwerp and Berlin to 77 percent in Rome – support a ban on the sale of combustion engine cars.

The Brussels-based Transport and Environment Group, which commissioned YouGov to conduct the survey, urged the European Commission to include a date to stop sales of combustion vehicles in the European Union in the climate policy proposals slated for June.

In September, the commission said it would assess at what time sales of internal combustion engine cars should stop, in order to achieve the union’s goal of cutting emissions by 2030.



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