Mona Zaki’s daughter joins her mother in the series “Newton’s Game” and a murder in Episode 4


Mahmoud Salah Saturday, April 17, 2021 – 19:56

Mona Zaki’s daughter participates with her mother in the series “Newton’s Game” and a murder in Episode 4, where I had the daughter of the artist Mona Zaki and the artist Ahmed Helmy in a way that attracted the attention of the audience.

Mona Zaki asks for Adam Al-Sharqawi’s help again

Mona Zaki “Hana” continued in the fourth episode of the series “Newton’s Game” in the face of all the obstacles that have surrounded her since her arrival in the United States of America. Something until I contacted Adam al-Sharqawi’s “costume”, who returned and took her to his home after he left her for the first time, and there she discovers the suffering he lives in due to his conflict with some of those who work with them.

Lee, daughter of Mona Zaki, participates in the series “Newton’s Game”

Lee, the daughter of the actress Mona Zaki, was present in the fourth episode of the series “Newton’s Game” by designing some of the technical drawings that appeared on the jacket worn by the artist Adam Al-Sharqawi, who introduces the character “Z” when he helped Mona Zaki. Al-Sharqawi thanked the artist’s daughter, Mona Zaki, for the “Astori” feature through his account on “Instagram” because of the design that she drew. And commented, saying: “My daughter is an amazing artist.”

A murder case in the fourth episode of the series “Newton’s Game”

Muhammad Mamdouh “Hazem” returns to the headquarters of the Bee Project, in which he put all his money into it, to find that it was completely destroyed because of the assistant of “Badr” Sayed Rajab, who begins to provoke “Hazem” and ridicule him for his inability not to respond to him after he destroyed his project, so he decides “Hazem Revenge on him by locking him in a room so that the bees enter him in large quantities and the assistant of Badr begins to scream and he can get out of the room, but the bees manage to kill him in the end. American soil in order to obtain citizenship, but when it goes there, it faces many obstacles.

Mona Zaki, Muhammad Mamdouh, Aisha bin Ahmed, Muhammad Farraj, Sayed Rajab and Kamal Adham participate in the series’ starring, and the work is script and supervised by Maha Al-Wazir, and it is written and directed by Tamer Mohsen

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