Mohammed Bin Zayed University launches a series of dialogues on productive artificial intelligence


Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Artificial Intelligence – the world’s first postgraduate research university specialized in artificial intelligence – is organizing an electronic session on Tuesday as part of the “MBZUAI Talks” series of dialogues.

The session is entitled “Transitioning from performance-based artificial intelligence to productive and industrial artificial intelligence”.

The session comes in light of the growing development of “machine learning” systems to manage complex tasks such as real-time control of manufacturing processes or reporting on medical imaging cases and standing behind huge amounts of data, models, algorithms, elements and units of systems.

During the session, Professor Eric Zeng, President of the Mohammed Bin Zayed University for Artificial Intelligence, sheds light on the technical challenges related to the shift from theoretical foundations and all acquired experiences from comprehensive learning to productive and industrial artificial intelligence.

According to the Emirates News Agency, he discusses modular strategies for developing programs that encompass all aspects of “machine learning” from blocks similar to “LEGO” blocks, methodologies for development and optimization of performance calibration systems, and systems framework for vertical and horizontal expansion of machine learning productions.

Professor Eric Zeng said that traditional performance-based methodologies in the machine learning community are failing to meet stringent industry standards that go beyond performance levels to include safety, energy efficiency and scalability, aspects that have traditionally been expected in production systems within the healthcare, manufacturing and transportation sectors. During our next session, we will provide illustrative examples of how to address these challenges through a formula based on established principles, new algorithms, software packages and synthetic systems.

The series of “MBZUAI Talks” is a continuous set of electronic sessions organized by “Mohammed Bin Zayed University for Artificial Intelligence” and presented by a number of the world’s leading experts in the field of artificial intelligence to shed light on a wide range of topics related to artificial intelligence.


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