Mohamed Ramadan directs a shocking insult to Mohamed Adel Imam


Monday, 26-04-2021
11:20 AM

It seems that the artist Mohamed Ramadan decided to go to war on all fronts, so that not a day goes by without you having a problem with another artist or an exciting situation.
This time, there were signs of a crisis between him and the artist Mohamed Adel Imam, who was the first to insult him indirectly on social networking sites.
The beginning was when the artist Muhammad Imam put a picture on his page on the Instagram photo exchange site, and the picture contained the list of the most searched channels on the YouTube video site, where he revealed that he tops the list and comes next to Muhammad Ramadan.
Muhammad Ramadan’s response was quick and insulting, as he also posted a picture on his Instagram story, leading the YouTube trend.
Ramadan wrote on the picture, Praise be to God, My Man Talaat Trend..Under the words, it appeared that there was a picture of the artist Muhammad Adel Imam, and he also placed an “emotion” of a man above the image of an “imam”.
Ramadan also had a crisis recently, after the appearance of the resemblance to the great artist Ismail Yassin in the series Moussa.
The artist Mohamed Ramadan revealed the dramatic reason behind the appearance of the late artist Ismail Yassin, during the events of the thirteenth episode of the series “Musa”, which caused him to be subjected to harsh criticism from the audience, as well as because of the way in which “Moses” dealt with the late artist during the events.
Ramadan wrote during a post on his official Facebook account: “Musa, on his first working day in downtown Cairo, in 1949, did not know cinemas or artists, and this saved him from a fraud by someone who exploits his likeness to Ismail Yassin.”


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