Minister of Transport: 6161 Saudi women work in “vehicle routing” … 6 billion income of app drivers – Saudi News


The Minister of Transport, Eng. Saleh bin Nasser Al-Jasser, confirmed that the transport system has a major role in ensuring the efficiency of supply chains during the Corona pandemic, noting that despite the global decline in ports, the Kingdom’s ports have achieved an increase in the number of containers handling, reaching 8,633,773 containers, an increase of 5 Transhipment containers also achieved an increase of 10.34%.

He explained that the story of the full resettlement of the position of a pilot assistant dates back to 2015 through the program of your mission and your job during the reign of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, when an agreement was concluded between the Ministry of Education and Saudi Airlines to send 3 thousand pilots, at a time when the number of Saudi pilots did not exceed 1500 pilots.

During his speech to the “In the Open” program, via the Saudi channel, he stated that the system contributed to the transport and the return of 60,000 citizens to the homeland during the pandemic period, and 75 million tons of goods were shipped using many passenger aircraft, in addition to supervising the transport of more than 23,000 Recovered from isolation headquarters to major airports.

Engineer Al-Jasser stated during his speech that the transport system has an ambitious national strategy for transport and logistics on the verge of the announcement, and includes many goals and initiatives that contribute to the improvement of all modes of transport, and with it it will achieve a decent position in the Kingdom at the regional and international levels, as a leader in the transport and logistics industry in general. In addition to a clear methodology for transforming the Kingdom into a global logistics center linking the three continents, by virtue of its distinguished geographical location.

He indicated that the transportation system has reached full localization in many professions, including the vehicle steering activity, in which more than 847 thousand drivers, including 6161 female drivers, have achieved through this activity more than 6 billion in the last 3 years, in addition to the localization of car rental business outlets. And the profession of air traffic controller, and the profession of pilot assistant.

Al-Jasser addressed the causes of the acceleration of railway development, and said: “The Crown Prince has a great interest in the railway sector, and we have great opportunities to invest in this sector. SAR achieved a record last October by transporting more than a million tons in just one month, bringing the total It transferred it from 2011 to 58 million tons. ”

On the roads in the Kingdom, Al-Jasser explained that the Kingdom has a road network that is the first in the world in its interconnection, and we are working in rapid steps to raise the level of safety and maintenance on this network, which has contributed to reducing the rate of accidents by 56%, deaths by 51%, and injuries by 30%. %.


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