Minister of Education: awareness units in universities to promote citizenship, moderation and loyalty – Saudi News


The Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad Al Al-Sheikh, revealed that the Universities Affairs Council is currently working on a study of accrediting the structuring of universities, in order to achieve efficiency in performance and spending, and in a manner that ensures sustainability and effectiveness.He stressed the importance of universities working from now on the quality of their outputs and further controlling the educational scientific aspects and raising their readiness to implement the Saudi universities system, paying attention to the digital transformation file, automating the administrative and financial processes and procedures, and working governance to raise the efficiency of performance to serve the national economy, pointing out that it is important for the university Saudi Electronic Company is planning to make additional contributions in the fields of e-learning.

This came during the launch of the new strategy and identity of the Saudi Electronic University, and the exhibition of global trends in e-learning.

The Minister of Education indicated that the Ministry, in cooperation with some universities, is working to develop public preparation courses according to spending efficiency that achieve high scientific benefit for students, consolidate the concept of good citizenship, values ​​of moderation and moderation, and enhance loyalty. Crown. He praised the efforts of the leaderships of the Saudi Electronic University and its employees and the efforts they make that contribute to building generations and the renaissance of the homeland. Al-Sheikh called for the importance of promoting intellectual awareness for all university and public education employees as a contributor to the intellectual formation of societies, indicating that the ministry adopted the establishment of intellectual awareness units in university education and public education in order to enhance the values ​​of citizenship, moderation and moderation, confront all ideas of extremism and decadence and enhance loyalty to our leadership Belonging to our homeland.


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