Milwaukee spoil startup Drummond Nets tops


The Milwaukee Bucks spoiled the Drummond’s first official match with his team Los Angeles LakersAfter he dropped him in a NFL match For basketball, While the Brooklyn Nets snatched the Eastern Province lead from their rival, the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Milwaukee Bucks beat the Los Angeles Lakers (112 – 97), Gro Holliday scored 28 points and Greek star Yiannis Antetokounembo added 25 points. The match saw the participation of Yannis, along with his brothers Tanasis and Costas, to become the second of three brothers to participate in one match in the history of the NBA.

After moving to the Los Angeles Lakers team with a free deal after being freed from his former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Drummond did not complete the game due to his injury to his thumb, while the absence of star LeBron James and Anthony Davis due to injury.

On the other hand, the Brooklyn Nets snatched the eastern region lead from their rival, the Philadelphia 76ers, by defeating the Houston Rockets (120-108). In the last 23 games.

Brooklyn Nets’ victory was not easy due to his failure in the first three quarters before settling matters in his favor in the last quarter, although he fought it in the absence of star James Harden, who suffered a muscle extension in his leg, knowing that he was facing his former team.

And the star, Kyrie Irving, contributed to this victory by scoring 31 points and 12 assists, and Joe Harris added 28 points, while the absence of the star, Kevin Durant, who had previously suffered a thigh injury since mid-February.


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