“Microsoft” shares for the summit with the second largest deal in the company’s history!


Decades ago, Microsoft (NASDAQ 🙂 entered the field of artificial intelligence through research projects and early focus by founder Bill Gates, the third richest person in the world today, with an estimated wealth of $ 145 billion.
As we have seen during the past decade, there was a great interest from the founder, Bill Gates, regarding medical research, and this with his warning from years regarding fears of the Corona epidemic before it developed into a global pandemic since the beginning of 2020.
Microsoft has hired thousands of employees to work in the field of artificial intelligence and released tools that customers can use to build applications that understand and translate speech, recognize images and detect anomalies.
The company believed that artificial intelligence was the main driver of future sales of cloud services, which prompted it to purchase Nuance, to complement those efforts that had been made in recent years.
These moves by “Microsoft” strengthened the record gains in the index “” “” with a rise more this month than this year’s rise by 10%, and the “Microsoft” company continued to climb to the top while it rose slightly on Monday.

The second largest deal in the history of “Microsoft”

Microsoft has moved to buy Nuance, a leader in speech recognition and medical terminology, in a full cash deal that could be worth $ 19.6 billion.
After that company acquired an artificial intelligence technology that aims to help doctors predict the needs of patients and raise the level of digital record-keeping in hospitals.
On Monday, Microsoft said it agreed to buy Nuanas for $ 56 a share, or nearly $ 20 billion, including debt.
Which will become the second largest acquisition by “Microsoft” after its $ 26 billion deal to “LinkedIn”.
The transaction value is derived from $ 56 a share multiplied by about 350 million fully diluted shares of Nuance, including stock options and stock prizes.

As for the technical side, With Microsoft’s share trading stabilizing at $ 236, which strengthens targeting the initial resistance at 265, and the highest of this level, the second resistance will be at $ 275.
While in the event of a decline below the level of $ 236, the stock may face an initial support level at $ 225, and below this level, the second support will be at $ 210 per share.

Ninety “ The future technology of medicine!

Since Friday, Nuance shares have risen 3.4%, and after Microsoft’s approval of the acquisition deal on Monday, the stock has risen by more than 17%.
Nuance has worked for two years on its program that helps clinicians record patient discussions and integrate them into electronic health records, and integrate speech technology products into the Teams chat app for remote healthcare appointments.
Also, hospitals prefer it, they get happier doctors, they can see more patients and there is less risk of clinical errors.
With unparalleled results as a positive impact on the delivery of care, the clinicians surveyed believe cross-disciplinary.
Known as “Dragon Ambient eXperience” or “DAX” for short, the Nuance program, with the latest advances in ambient sensing technology and artificial intelligence, improves the quality of the patient experience.
In addition to reducing the average wait time for primary care patients, physicians across specialties reported providing documentation time for each patient.
Doctors also say it provides high-quality care because they can focus on treating patients rather than entering data.

Positive outlook for the deal!

Microsoft is trying to advance the healthcare sector as it sells more cloud software to hospitals and doctors.
Microsoft is also focusing increasingly on healthcare. In May, the software manufacturer unveiled a package of cloud software for the medical industry.
They have hired executives with medical backgrounds and researched machine learning and AI tools for areas including clinical trials.
As AI programs improve in analyzing language and predicting medical needs, Nuance and Microsoft may be able to develop technology that searches for specific words in health records to provide better suggestions for doctors to care for patients.
Given the impressive technology and capabilities within the latest AI solutions for healthcare, purchasing Nuance makes sense.
Which may lead to deepening competition between “Microsoft” and “Amazon (NASDAQ :)”, and this is after the movements of the retail giant in recent years to sell cloud computing services and “Alexa” voice programs to health care companies.
Meanwhile, Microsoft is leveraging the Siri-related company to develop solutions that better enable clinicians to take notes and better define healthcare needs.
Excitement has reached investors as during the recent earnings from Nuance almost every question from Wall Street touched on the prospects for the DAX, and while it is still in its infancy, the financial future appears to be bright.
Earlier this year, Nuance said revenue from DAX could rise to as much as $ 250 million by 2023.
That’s from an estimate of about $ 15 million or so this year, and it’s still seeing increased interest from new and existing customers.To follow my articles through my Twitter account:
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