Microsoft buys Nuance for AI for $ 20 billion



The American company “Microsoft” for software acquired “Nuance” For artificial intelligence And speech technology for $ 19.7 billion, which gives it an important role in the healthcare market, as Nuance sells many products.

According to a statement issued by “Microsoft”, the American company intends through the deal to pay the net debt of “Nuance”, after it paid $ 56 for each share of “Nuance” company, an increase of 23% on the closing price of the company last Friday.

The purchase of “Nuance”, known for its “Dragon” program, is the second largest acquisition by “Microsoft” after it bought “LinkedIn” in 2016 for $ 26 billion.

“Nuance” uses “Dragon” software for deep learning and speech transcription and improving its accuracy over time by adapting to the user’s voice. Nuance has licensed this technology for many services and applications, including Apple’s digital assistant, “Siri”.

The deal comes at a time when speech technology is improving rapidly, thanks to a deep learning boom in Artificial intelligenceDigital copying is becoming more reliable in a range of areas, from medical consulting to board meetings and university lectures.

The increase in remote work during the recent period has created new opportunities, and with the many meetings that take place via video, it has become easier to provide written copies to clients via a program built directly into these calls.

Microsoft can improve its copy services by integrating Nuance technology into its existing programs, such as Teams, or offering it separately as part of its Azure cloud business.

Microsoft teamed up with Nuance in 2019 to focus immediately on healthcare, using the Nuance program to digitize health records for Microsoft customers.

Recent reports indicated that more than half a million doctors around the world and 77% of American hospitals use Nuance’s health technology, including the Dragon Medical One platform, which has been tuned to define medical terms.

Microsoft recently bought ZeniMax Media, worth $ 7.5 billion, and plans to acquire the messaging platform Discord for more than $ 10 billion.


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