Microsoft acquires an artificial intelligence company for $ 16 billion


Microsoft is seeking to consolidate its growing influence in the field of artificial intelligence, which prompted the acquisition of Nuance, according to CNN Business.

The deal is valued at $ 16 billion, and Nuance is a leader in artificial intelligence for healthcare. By combining the new company with Microsoft Cloud Healthcare that was introduced in 2020, Microsoft could achieve a “big boost” in the healthcare software business.

The deal represents Microsoft’s second-largest acquisition after “LinkedIn” which it bought in 2016 for $ 26 billion.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said, “Artificial intelligence is the most important technology priority, and its application in health care is the most urgent.”

It is likely that the “Dragon Ambient” technology from Nuance is what Microsoft most aspires to in its deal, and this technology is a package of “artificial intelligence programs that help medical professionals to absorb patients, document and support health care that is overcrowded due to Corona.”

In addition to healthcare, Nuance is also a leader in speech-to-text and communications software, which could help Microsoft with its “cloud business,” according to the site.


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