Meet the SpaceX Dragon Crew-2: JAXA’s Akihiko Hoshide


KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL – Akihiko Hoshid knows a thing or two about SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft.

The Japanese astronaut was on the International Space Station when the Dragon cargo capsule conducted its first resupply mission in 2012.

Now Hoshid and three other astronauts will be the “charge” of SpaceX’s upcoming mission to the International Space Station, which is aimed at Thursday, April 22nd.

“It’s different,” Hosheed told Spectrum News. “The interior looks very simple, not a whole set of switches and valves that we work on by hand. And the design is different, and the operating concept is also different. It’s exciting to fly on this car. ”

Hosheed learned to love flying from a young age.

Born in Tokyo, he spent four years as a child in New Jersey. It was here in America that he had the idea of ​​becoming an astronaut.

“At that time my dad took me to the Kennedy Space Center,” said Hoshid. “I saw some rockets, not a launch, but I looked at the rockets, and so this kind of thinking started,“ Isn’t it cool to go into space ”and that just started it all. .

About three decades later, Hoshid returned to Florida, this time the space shuttle Discovery was launched in 2008. Its crew delivered the massive Japanese Kibo Laboratory to the International Space Station.

It fired a Soyuz rocket again in 2012, and spent 124 days on the International Space Station.

JAXA astronaut Akihiko Hoshid trains at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in January 2012, before participating in Mission 32 aboard the Soyuz spacecraft. (NASA)

Hoshid returned to Florida in 2014, but instead of setting off, he dived in the waters off the Florida Keys, spending nine days living and working underwater in my research habitat.

It is there where he first worked with fellow SpaceX teammate, Thomas Pesquet.

“We were joking then, isn’t it fun to travel to space together, and now this dream will come true,” he said.

Hoshide prepares to fulfill this next dream in Florida, where he is launched on SpaceX Crew Dragon.

“I think it is a new era and we hope in the near future that it will open the door for the general public to fly into space,” he said.

During their 6-month stay on the International Space Station, Hoshid will serve as the space station’s captain.

He says that in addition to visiting the Kennedy Space Center as a child, science fiction like Star Trek and Star Wars helped drive this passion.


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