May Helmy: This artist kicked me out of the door of her apartment … and stood in the elevator, crying


Saturday, April 17-2021
08:27 AM
Ahmed Adel Shaban

Journalist Mai Helmy revealed that she was exposed to a difficult situation with a famous artist at the beginning of her media work.May Helmy said in an interview with the “Sheikh Al Hara” program: I went for a meeting with the artist Najla Fathi, and when they opened the door to her apartment, I saw her and told her that I wanted to conduct a press interview with her.

She added: The artist Naglaa Fathy agreed and asked me to return to her after several days in order to record the dialogue, and when I went to her, I did not know that at this time she was sick, so when she saw me, she did not accept me and was very angry and refused to conduct the dialogue.

And she continued: This situation was difficult and I kept crying heavily in the elevator while I got off.


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