May Helmy narrates the scenes of her violence against her ex-husband and her attempt to commit suicide because of his betrayal (video)


The Egyptian media, Mai Helmy, who is free from the Egyptian artist Mohamed Rashad, the star of the talent show “Arab Idol,” told the scenes of her abuse at his hands when she was his wife, explaining that he was constantly beating her.

May Helmy said during a televised interview on the “Sheikh Al-Hara” program, presented by Egyptian director Inas El-Deghidi, that Mohamed Rashad used to hit her a lot, even once he hit her in the eye, and she went to work and the effects of the beating are visible under her eye.

And Mai Helmy added, “I lied to makeup at work, and said I almost hit the door, and the traces were hidden with a lot of make-up, but we reconciled on the same day, and it was New Year’s Eve.”

May Helmy commented that she was an example of a miserable lady in love, and that she definitely tried to defend herself once with an extinguisher that was on the table and he threw it on her, and that time was the last time he hit her.

May Helmy went into a fit of crying, and did not hold back her tears when talking about the details of her discovery of the betrayal of her ex-husband, Muhammad Rashad, as she said that once she saw a message on his phone and read what was in it, but during the interview she refused to reveal the written words that she had read.

And Mai Helmy continued crying: “The words of what Taqalesh to a lover or wife, my brown Adam was like what he loves to love.”

Mai Helmy justified her crying that he was not about someone, but because she was sad because she gave unlimited love and she found nothing in return except for scandals.

And Mai Helmy added, “My family is always on every tongue, and people accuse you of being a wicked woman, even though every time you slip around and make the same mistake,” stressing that this period suffices with her success at the level of work and does not think about the relationship now.

May Helmy refused to reveal the reason for the miscarriage. She said that she did not abort herself, and that she was pregnant with a “twin”, but God did not write it to her, adding: “Unfortunately, after that, I was deprived of becoming a mother.”

May Helmy added that she was wrong at first when she agreed to return to Mohamed Rashad after he canceled their first wedding, adding that society always puts pressure on women.

May Helmy revealed that she tried to commit suicide after problems with her ex-husband, Muhammad Rashad, indicating that she thought and tried to commit suicide because of the betrayal that afflicted her. She even wrote a long letter to her family, and apologized to her mother for what she did.

May Helmy continued that she knew information about Muhammad Rashad, who tried to contact her after she sent him a message, but she did not answer him, so he asked the security men to go up to the house to check on her, but she did not open the door for them, so her brother was contacted and told that she said she would commit suicide.

“Mai” confirmed that she was feeling weak at this stage, adding: “Treason hurt me, I went back many needs, and regretted what I did, and I had reached a difficult stage of depression, my life was for one person, and I was trying to make him succeed.”


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