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New Delhi: Earthquakes on Earth and the Moon are common but earthquakes on Mars (Mars) are also common. Live. The US space agency (NASA) Insight Lander on Mars recently detected two large earthquakes on Mars. The intensity of these vibrations is measured on the Richter scale at 3.3 and 3.1. It is called “Marsquake.” According to scientists, earthquakes shake Mars frequently. Insight has had fewer earthquakes on Mars.

I prepare for one of my following activities: Bury the rope extending to my seismometer. I ran a few test scratches, and quickly started scraping the material to start covering it.

– NASA InSight (NASAInSight) 4 March 2021

Earthquake detected 500 earthquakes

NASA detected several earthquakes on the surface of Mars in March of this year through an indoor lander launched on May 5, 2018. It also provided new data to NASA to study its geography and seismic activity.

In the past several weeks, listening to the heartbeat of Mars has revealed two strong and visible earthquakes from an area they had previously felt: Cerberus Fossa. Those two sizes were 3.3 and 3.1. So far more referenced swamps have been recorded.


– NASA InSight ((@NASAInSight) April 1, 2021

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An active earthquake zone on Mars

These Mars earthquake data will help scientists excavate Serbus. Accordingly, the shapes that formed from volcanic eruptions on Mars are also active seismic regions. Let’s tell you that the Insight probe has recorded more than one earthquake on Mars in its three years of activity.

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Two earthquakes in March

Significantly, Insight recorded two earthquakes of 3.3 on the Richter scale on 7 March and a 3.1 earthquake on the Richter scale in March. I did. Earthquake numbers are very difficult to find on the surface of Mars. In fact, the wind continues to move at high speed here. Because of many earthquake data flying away.

Many mysteries of Mars will be unlocked

NASA’s Insight Lander successfully logged data for two seismic signals. Dr. Taichi Kawamura, a researcher at the Institute of Physics of the World in Paris, pointed to another distinguishing feature of the large earthquake that was recorded by the probe. He said they are like earthquakes traveling directly from the source across the planet’s surface.

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