Maradona’s lawyer reveals many of his secrets. His two daughters stole him and drank alcohol to escape his reality – Al-Banna Newspaper


استهلّ Lawyer And partner Diego Maradona, Matthias Morela, حربه On wife The star Argentine The late And his two daughters Publish Some Secrets Familial, د in a Remarks Moved it Agency The news Spanish yesterday.

وقال Morla in a Interview Extended With Channel «USA» TVif get up Diego ووبّخني ، There Thing What he is That i did not I care To enter (His partner Emotional Previous) Russo (Oliva) To throw a look Goodbye on him.

lhave I love Russo And it was Fights With Dilma And Gianina, Poetry Betrayed And theft. lhave Accompanied Maradona Through seven Years New And seven Holidays birth, And you are Look to me the phone And did not communicate to the One».

و .ضاف: «Pain More that Diego It was Angry Because daughter Dilma Are called Rome? What he is Diego? it’s a (Naples) Photo Rome. except His sisters, They left All of them And like him. Done They give up about him To die Lonely».

و .كد Morla that «Diego did not Not Crazy Start» On Though From Reality it’s a «It was Suffers Always From Problems Addiction».

And she was Two daughter the legend The late, Dilma And Gianina Maradona, may be Accused Lawyer Morla Responsible About Selection the team Medical Which Being Investigation With him Because Neglect Alleged in a Care Maradona.

و .ردف Morla: «if Some Maradona From new, You will not Allow لهما Attacking me».

و .ضاف: «The two girls You hate me Ago Stop us Cards Credit Own With them in a June 2014. lhave quarrel Maradona With them Because they are سرقتاه».

وقال Lawyer And partner وصديق Maradona, والرجل Closeup from him in a the years Last, that a hero the world 1986 in a Mexico did not look to me Alcohol As a «Something Fun» let it go As a road To escape From His problems.

و .كّد it’s a «first Problem Major in a Life Maradona, she that Russo I left him, and he Command Which did not He can Overcome on him Start. It was Maradona Fined Prosio».

ونفى Morla it’s a It was «Kidnapped» For Maradona as such She claimed the wife Previous For a heroine the world, Claudia Villavini, And her two daughters Dilma And Gianina.

It is noteworthy that the former captain and coach of the Argentina national team died on November 25 of last year, at the age of 60, of a heart attack.


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