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Although his hopes are slim in the competition for the Premier League title, Manchester United will try to pressure its rivals and neighbor, the leaders Manchester City in the thirty-second phase, which will extend over six days, while there is no room for error in front of Liverpool in the last-meter struggle for the Champions League positions Europe.
The opportunity will be available for United to reduce the difference with City to eight points if it beats at home to Burnley at “Old Trafford” on Sunday, putting pressure on his neighbor, who is a guest at Aston Villa, in a cautious match next Wednesday due to his preoccupation at the weekend in the semi-finals of the cup against Chelsea. Note that City played more matches than United from the 33rd stage.
The “Red Devils” enters the easy match on paper in front of the 17th-place holder, as he qualified for the semi-finals of the European League “Europa League” on Thursday after he renewed his victory over Granada, Spain, 2-0 in the second leg of the quarter-finals, to strike a date with Rome, Italy. And he keeps his hopes of achieving a first title since 2017, when he was crowned champion of this particular competition.
The Norwegian coach’s team had achieved an important victory in the previous stage outside its bases at the expense of Tottenham, 3-1, consolidating its second position to largely guarantee its return to the Champions League next season, as it was 7 points away from Leicester City III, who fell in the last two matches in the league and occupied Sunday In the cup semi-final against Southampton, before finishing the stage next Thursday at home against West Bromwich.
United are seeking to achieve their fifth successive victory in the Premier League, and have not lost their last ten matches in the “Premier League”.
It was observed in Thursday’s meeting against Granada that the color of the banners placed on the seats of the “Old Trafford” stadium has changed since the absence of fans from the stadiums due to the Corona virus pandemic, from red to black after Solshire said that the players were suffering to see their teammates because of the overlap of the color of the red shirt with the background, In addition, it coincided with the campaign against racism.
And the stage opens Friday between Everton, who did not know the taste of victory in the last four games in the league (two losses and two draws) in front of their also injured Tottenham, who was satisfied with one point from the last two games.
And after Jose Mourinho’s team started the season well and seemed on its way to competing for the first title in the league in sixty years, the team’s results deteriorated remarkably and suffered seven defeats in its last 12 matches.
Spears are seventh with 49 points, six points from West Ham IV, the last to qualify for the Champions League.
As for Liverpool, after leaving the continental competition in the middle of the week at the hands of Real Madrid, there is no room for error in front of him if he wants to return to it next season.
German coach Jürgen Klopp’s team is sixth, three points from West Ham and two from Chelsea, fifth, who host Brighton on Tuesday. last week.
“I can say that I am a person who is confident in my nature, but that does not mean that we will achieve it. We can only read the ranking, we know the points we must score, we know our situation and what we have to do,” Klopp said of Liverpool’s battle for fourth place.
With the exception of his confrontation with United at “Old Trafford” in the 34th stage, Liverpool will not collide with any of the major teams or clubs until the end of the season, so the opportunity seems favorable to snatch fourth place.
Arsenal’s London derby is in front of its 18th-placed neighbor Fulham on Sunday after qualifying to the “Europa League” semi-finals Thursday, with a quarter-clean goal against host Slavia Prague in the Czech capital, to set an appointment with its former coach Unai Emery and his Spanish team Villarreal.
Arsenal kept its hopes of returning to the Champions League for the first time since the 2016-2017 season, provided it won the title of the continental reserve competition, as it is logically unlikely that it would achieve this from the premier league portal due to its ninth position, 10 points from fourth.
Ten minutes before the match in Prague, Gabonese striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang announced that he had contracted malaria through his Instagram account, where he attached the message to a picture of him from the hospital saying, “Unfortunately, I contracted malaria during my international mission with Gabon a few weeks ago. I spent a few days in the hospital.” This week, but I feel better every day thanks to the doctors who detected and treated the virus early. ”
The “Gunners” team won 3-0 at club Sheffield United last week.
As for West Ham, the surprise of the season, it comes to Newcastle on Saturday afternoon, coming from two successive victories.
However, the team of Scottish coach David Moyes, who have the second best home record in the league after Manchester City, ranks tenth in the standings for matches outside their bases with seven wins, five defeats and three draws this season.
Source: AFP


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