Manchester City confirms its official withdrawal from the “Super League”


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on Tuesday for football clubs to withdraw from the “Super League” tournament, which is independent of the international structure of the game.

Johnson’s comment came after arriving Reports on the withdrawal of Chelsea and Manchester City teams From the tournament, less than 72 hours after announcing their joining.

Johnson said In a tweet: “The decision by Chelsea and Manchester City, if confirmed, is definitely the right decision, and I applaud the two clubs for it.”

“I hope that the other clubs participating in the European Super League will join the same step,” he added.

On Sunday, 12 major European clubs announced the establishment of a separate tournament from the main tournament organized by the European Football Association (UEFA), which is the regulatory body responsible for holding official tournaments within the borders of the old continent.

The current system of the Champions League allows everyone to compete, as different clubs can enter the tournament, provided that they reserve a seat for them through their domestic competitions, while the proposed new system gives permanent seats to the top clubs.

The championship, in its traditional form, distributes the financial revenues of the tournament and broadcast rights to all participants, while the new tournament gives the major clubs the lion’s share, as it is the real driver of the high viewing rates.

Juventus, the Italian club, and Manchester United of England, had announced that the agreement stipulated that the founding clubs would receive a net grant in advance of about 3.5 billion euros (4.19 billion dollars).

The teams organizing the tournament, according to the two clubs, are Milan, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, ​​Internazionale Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham.

This means that the proposed tournament includes the top six in the English Premier League, as well as two major clubs from Spain: Real Madrid and Barcelona.

FIFA said it did not approve of the “separatist” competition because it “will be outside the international structures of football.”


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