Manal Salama announces her infection with the Coronavirus: Call positive


The artist, Manal Salama, announced that she was infected with the new Corona virus, through her account on the social networking site “Instagram”, and posted a picture of her and commented on it: “Call me positive Corona”, to receive after announcing many invitations from her followers through her account, and some comments touched on the question about her husband’s condition. Director Adel Adeeb and her sons.

Manal Salameh
Manal Salameh

Manal Salama’s work varied between television and theater, and her artistic start was in 1985 during a play called “Zeer Salem”, but her start as a professional came through the conscience series Abla Hikmat in 1991, and she continued through her participation in many roles during television series, and she was able to present some Important roles in her cinematic and television works, such as the series “I will not live in the djellaba of my father” in 1995 with the late artist Nour al-Sharif. In 2010, she was appointed as the head of the Marketing Department of “The Artistic House of Egyptian Theater”

On the other hand, the artist, Manal Salama, had revealed many secrets during her last meeting, when she was a guest on the “Her Excellency” program, and talked about the scenes of work in the series “I will not live in the djellaba of my father”, where the artist Manal Salama said, I am in The first was a candidate for the role of “Bahira” instead of Wafa Sadeq in the series “I will not live in the robes of my father” and I went too, and at the same time a series I thought at the time that it was more important in a lot of travel and that, so I apologized for the series “I will not live in the robes of my father.”


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