Make-up tips to hide wrinkles … get to know them


Extend / As women, we all face many problems when applying make-up, especially the difficulty of hiding wrinkles and fine lines, staining of the teeth with lipstick, and the fixation of make-up for a long time … Therefore, we have prepared for you in this article, a set of very useful, simple and practical makeup tips, ranging from a method Applying make-up, skin care and teeth cleaning products, and it enables you to get perfect makeup free from eyes and impurities.

Learn the art of applying foundation cream

Take a little powdery foundation and spread it all over your skin. Then spray Setting Spray all over your face. This step will give you an attractive creamy complexion, help you camouflage fine lines and wrinkles, just like a liquid foundation, and make the foundation last for hours.

Long and curly lashes perfectly

If you want to get the best result after using an eyelash compress, heat it slightly to become warm, and then use it on your eyelashes, and then apply several layers of mascara. This advice enables you to have longer and fuller curly eyelashes, and to enhance the beauty and volume of your eyes.

Fuller lips

You can get bigger and fuller lips by applying glitter eye shadow in the middle of the lower lip. Then, dip your thumb in the eyeshadow of glitter powder, bring your lips together, and press them with your thumb, which helps in making the lips full, rich and intense color.

Do not forget your teeth!

Teeth play a big role in enhancing the beauty of your face, giving you a complete and flawless makeup. Therefore, make sure that your teeth are clean, and make them white, by rubbing them with lemon peel, then with salt, and then rinse with water, which removes all the stains, dirt and impurities stuck on your teeth, and works to make them whiter.

Prevent staining your teeth with lipstick

If you like bold and bold lipstick colors, apply a little Vaseline on your teeth, this step prevents staining .. For gums, put a little red food coloring on a toothbrush and rub it on your gums, making your teeth look whiter.

Additional tips

Exfoliate your skin, and then moisturize it with the appropriate moisturizing cream.

If you travel frequently, wear one or two eye shades as a maximum. And choose multi-tasking products, the nude lipstick works as lipstick and eyeshadows. The eyeshadow works as a highlighter, too.

– To prevent the appearance of wrinkles, stop repeating any movements in the face, such as frowning, staring and tightening the mouth, as they make your muscles make grooves under the surface of the skin, which turn into wrinkles over time.


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