Mai Al-Aidan attacks Abdel Moneim Amayri: she presents a vulgar message – in the picture


The Kuwaiti media criticizedMai Al-AidanSyrian actorAbdel Moneim AmayriAfter publishing a picture in which he appeared naked from the lower area and relieving himself in the bathroom, which was taken from the scenes of the series “Unknown Record”.
Mai re-posted the picture on her own page and commented on it by saying: “The Syrian artist Abdel Moneim Al-Amayri started his episode in the series Anonymous, and when people attacked him and criticized him, he said about them that they are cows and that it is like international works. You take positive things from them, not of course. My soul knows before what was presented this scene what money it has what the dramatic value of the work have you reviewed the feelings of your children while they see your view in this way. Today you show your background and see whether the next work will see you completely naked. It is clear that you are presenting a message. … but a vulgar message. ”


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