Liverpool news: Robertson criticizes his team-mates: We repeat the same mistakes every time


Andy Robertson – Liverpool – English Premier League

Sport 360 – Andy Robertson is tired of left-back Liverpool, England One of the repeated mistakes made by the Reds this season, after the Reds drew against Newcastle United in the league.

Liverpool’s level has dropped a lot this season, as the defending champion is at risk of losing the chance to be in the Champions League, after his disappointing tally with Newcastle United 1-0.

Liverpool is currently in sixth place in the ranking table Premier League With 54 points, a full four points behind Chelsea Fourth-placed with only five matches remaining until the end of the tournament, which indicates the possibility of the Reds’ absence from the European Championship next season.

Robertson is angry at Liverpool’s mistakes this season

Andy Robertson spoke according to the site:Jules“Newcastle match?” It pretty much sums up our season. We are not learning from our lessons. We keep doing the same thing, making the same mistakes. ”

“The teams always have a chance against us. They build confidence in the last ten minutes, and they think they can get something, unlike what is happening with us,” he added.

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