Live broadcast | Watch the Pyramids match and Ghazl El Mahalla today in the Egyptian League


The Pyramids team clashes with its counterpart Ghazl El Mahalla this evening, Saturday, April 17th, at Ghazl El Mahalla stadium, as part of the activities of the 17th phase of the Egyptian Premier League football competition 2020/2021.

Kora 365 offers its followers to watch the Pyramids match and Ghazl El Mahalla live broadcast today, with the start of the scheduled start whistle at 9:30 pm Cairo time, i.e. 10:30 pm Mecca time, and the match will be broadcast live on Ontime Sport (1) with a performance My voice for commentator Ayman Al-Kashef.

Pyramids still present an unstable level in the recent period, as it fell into a draw against Egypt, clearing one with a goal for each of them in the last round, to remain in fifth place with 26 points.

This confrontation seems difficult for the heavenly team due to the good level of the opponent in front of the adults, but the Pyramids will try in all ways today to come out with the game points, adjust the path and restore its balance again, and stop the bleeding of points.

While Ghazal El Mahalla, despite his youth in the excellent, he is presenting a good level this season, as he is in tenth place on the ranking ladder with 23 points after imposing a draw on Smouha with a goal for each of them.

Mahalla has a great opportunity this path to gradually advance to adult positions, despite his awareness of the opponent’s difficulty, but he has finished his preparations for this battle with great enthusiasm and high confidence, as he will fight fiercely to try to win and return to the right path.


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