Live broadcast | Watch the Manchester United and Granada match today in the European League


The Manchester United team collides with its Spanish counterpart, Granada, this evening, Thursday, April 8, at the Nuevo Los Carmenes stadium, for the first-leg matches of the quarter-finals of the European Football League 2020/2021.

Kora 365 will provide its followers to watch the Manchester United and Granada match live broadcast today, which is scheduled to start at 9:00 pm Cairo time, that is, ten Mecca time, and will be broadcast on the air exclusively on BN Sport HD1 Premium with an audio performance by commentator Swar Al Dhahab.

Manchester United is showing a remarkable level this season, as the team’s morale is high after the last league victory over Brighton with two goals to one goal, and also through Milan’s stubborn heel from the round of 16 of this competition to reach this role successfully.

The Red Devils want to save his season despite his strong performance in the league competition, but he is far from the leader who missed the competition for the title by a large percentage, so he will fight in today’s match in front of the opponent in order to achieve victory and try to return home by putting his foot in half The final decision is made to settle matters at Old Trafford, but this will not be easy for him, as he is required to fight fiercely to reach his project ambition.

On the other hand, he presents Granada in the league competition with an unstable performance, as he received two consecutive defeats and this may affect him, but he knows very well that this tournament is significantly different from the league, so he will fight fiercely to present a strong match that deserves him.

The Spanish team crossed the Norwegian Molde team from the round of 16 with difficulty after winning the total of two matches with three goals back and forth, but in this position today he finished his preparations well and with high concentration, he realizes the opponent’s difficulty, as he aspires to win and try to bring about an element of surprise by excluding the opponent from the competition And resolving matters by meeting the return leg for him, and this requires great effort in front of an experienced opponent and has great experiences and players at the highest level inside the green rectangle.


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