Libya begins a COVID-19 vaccination campaign after a delay


Though Libya Wealthier than its neighboring countries as a result of oil exports, as its health system faced major problems due to years of political turmoil and violence, and it made a strenuous effort in the face of the pandemic.

After receiving the dose, Dabaiba described the start of the campaign as a blessed day in an anti-campaign Covid-19 He did not disclose the vaccine that he received.

Among the doses received by Libya last week, at least 100 thousand doses of vaccine (Sputnik inRussian-made.

The Dabaiba government considered obtaining vaccines and starting the vaccination campaign as evidence that it improves the lives of Libyan citizens after it replaced two warring administrations in western and eastern Libya.

Health Minister Ali Al-Zanati said that the vaccines were provided through political consultations and the efforts of the Prime Minister. He had previously stated that the government had so far requested sufficient doses to vaccinate 1.4 million Libyans out of a population of more than six million.

The Libyan National Center for Disease Control said that more than 400,000 people have registered to receive vaccination in more than 400 centers in the country.

وسجلت Libya More than 166,000 coronavirus cases and nearly 3,000 deaths, although UN envoys say the numbers are likely higher.

Ali Al-Hadi, a shopkeeper, said that he felt sorry for the late arrival of the vaccine in Libya, after thousands of people were infected, but said that it was better to arrive late than not.

Many Libyans fear it will be tainted Vaccination campaign Political conflicts or favoritism after years of turmoil.

“We hope that the Ministry of Health will move away from political struggles in order for services to reach patients,” said Khawla Muhammad, 33, a housewife.


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