Lebanon prepares to build a communication mechanism with Syria regarding the maritime border conflict


Lebanon is preparing to build a communication mechanism with the Syrian authorities to confirm the Lebanese position that Lebanon has previously reported to the Syrian authorities repeatedly since 2010, and has been deposited with the United Nations around the northern maritime borders.

The file of the disclosure of the border dispute between Lebanon and Syria interacted in the economic waters and the overlapping of the maritime patches whose maps were approved by the two sides, at the political level, amid calls for the government to adopt a sovereign position and a scientific clarification about the area of ​​the Syrian maritime zone that is eating up an area of ​​up to 750 kilometers in the Lebanese economic waters. .

A meeting was held at the Ministry of Defense yesterday, within the framework of following up developments related to Lebanese territorial waters and demarcating the northern maritime borders with Syria, which included Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense in the caretaker government, Zeina Aker, and the ministers of foreign affairs, expatriates, energy and water in the caretaker government, Charbel, Hiba and Raymond. Gypsies.

During the meeting, there was a presentation of the Lebanese positions and constants, and it was agreed that the Lebanese authorities must obtain the official documents that are circulated in the media through official means in order for the Lebanese position to be based on, without any compromise on Lebanon’s rights to its borders, water and natural resources. This is a prelude to building a mechanism to address the Syrian authorities to affirm the Lebanese position.

Source: Middle East


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