Learn about the price of gold in the UAE today, Wednesday 4/14-2021


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The price of gold in the UAE stopped at a price of 206.27 dirhams for a 24-carat gold gram, influenced by the global price of gold at the beginning of transactions in the UAE market today, Wednesday, 4/14-2021, and the price of gold in the UAE was $ 56.16.

Gold varies in the UAE, according to several calibers that are classified according to the percentage of gold in each kilo, the most expensive of which is 24 carat because there is the highest percentage of gold in it, which is 99%.

Al-Masry Al-Youm publishes the price of gold in the UAE at the start of financial transactions today as follows:

The price of 24 karat gold is $ 206.27 at $ 56.16

The price of 22 carat gold is 189.08 dirhams, $ 51.48

The price of 21 carat gold is 180.49 dirhams, $ 49.14

The price of 18-carat gold is 154.70 dirhams, $ 42.12

The price of 14 carat gold is 120.32 dirhams, $ 32.76

The price of 12 carat gold is 103.13 dirhams, $ 28.08

The price of an ounce of gold is 6,415 dirhams $ 1,747

The price of the gold pound is 1,444 dirhams, $ 393.11

The price of a kilo of gold is 206,267 dirhams, $ 56,158

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