Kylie Jenner honors her friend Harry Hudson by donating again to cancer patients


After the criticism received by the reality star and the wealthy American makeup mogul Kylie Jenner The “23-year-old” for her small donation twice of 11 thousand dollars only to a makeup expert she does not know closely, and worked with her once years ago to pay for his urgent brain surgery, Kylie Jenner showed her generous generosity with cancer patients for one of her close friends.

According to “Hola”, reality star Kylie Jenner “23 years” honored one of her close friends by returning Jamil his cancer recovery to society.

Indeed, the star of reality and the Al Kardashian reality show, businesswoman and young makeup mogul Kylie Jenner, 23, announced that she will once again donate half a million dollars from sales of one of her own lines for her global cosmetic company for cancer patients and to the Cancer Foundation Teen Cancer America in honor of her close friend, singer and author. Harry Hudson Cancer Survivor songs.

Kylie Jenner first donated $ 500,000 to young cancer patients in 2017.

Yesterday, Wednesday, March 31, the American Cancer Foundation and the Monroe Carrel Hospital for Children in Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee, announced that Kylie Jenner’s previous donation and other donations had been used to pay for the costs of establishing and equipping a new lounge for youth and children, including A main and distinctive lounge equipped with a large screen TV, Wi-Fi internet, video games, and a meditation room.

Kylie Jenner’s close friend, singer-songwriter Harry Hudson was treated for stage 3 lymphoma after he was diagnosed with it in 2013 when he was twenty years old, and now he is 27 years old, and he is completely free of cancer cells and has been completely cured. His recovery he founded the Cancer Charitable Society.

Very grateful to Kylie Jenner for supporting him on his cancer journey

Kylie Jenner supported her boyfriend Harry Hudson on his cancer treatment journey - Image via Instagram
Kylie Jenner supported her boyfriend Harry Hudson on his cancer treatment journey – Image via Instagram

“I am extremely grateful for Kylie’s friendship and the impact it has had on my life and my journey with cancer,” Harry Hudson said in a thank you statement to his girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

He added, “It has always been there for me, and together we wanted to discover a way to be alongside other young people fighting this disease.”

It is noteworthy that the project to build an entertainment and meditation hall for young patients and children began in 2017, but it was delayed due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic in the United States.


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