Know the causes of headaches while fasting and ways to prevent it


Many people may develop a headache during fasting in Ramadan, due to hypoglycemia as a result of not eating or due to dehydration and other reasons, and the pain is usually mild to moderate in intensity, and occurs in the front of the head (forehead), and in this report we learn about the causes of headaches during Fasting and ways to prevent it, according to the website verywellhealth.

Causes of headache during Ramadan fasting

The causes of headaches during Ramadan fasting are different and varied, and fasting can lead to an occurrence Migraines In people who suffer from migraines, in other words, fasting can be a trigger for a migraine.

And in an article published in Current Pain and Headache Reports In fact, researchers note that people who usually get headaches are more likely to have a fasting headache when not eating than people who don’t usually have headaches.

If you already suffer from a primary headache disorder, you may be more susceptible to the effects of fasting headaches.


Causes of headaches during fasting include:

Causes of headaches
Causes of headaches

lack of blood sugar

Experts believe that one of the triggers for headaches is hypoglycemia, and some experts suggest that for some genetically predisposed people, subtle changes in blood glucose may alter pain receptors in the brain, leading to fasting headaches.

Some scholars denied that hypoglycemia was the cause of headaches during fasting. They refer to the reason that in healthy people, glycogen levels (the stored form of glucose) in the liver are sufficient to maintain normal glucose levels for 24 hours. Migraine sufferers.

Caffeine withdrawal

Researchers have also linked caffeine withdrawal to fasting headaches, as caffeine withdrawal headaches generally occur approximately 18 hours after the last caffeine intake, and caffeine withdrawal headaches have similar characteristics to tension headaches (such as fasting headaches).

Dehydration or stress

Other potential causes of fasting headaches include dehydration and stress.

The bottom line here is that the exact cause of the headache is still unknown, and there may be a number of factors involved that can differ from person to person.

Methods for preventing headaches while fasting

Consider reducing caffeine consumption after breakfast in Ramadan and the day before fasting.

Make sure to drink enough water after Iftar in Ramadan to help your body replenish the amount of water lost during fasting.

You can talk to your doctor about starting a preventative headache medication on the first day of your fast, such as a long-acting NSAID, however remember not to take any medications, including over-the-counter medications, without consulting your doctor first.


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