Klopp threatens Real Madrid with an “uprising” similar to the “Remontada” in front of Barcelona!


Klopp threatens Real Madrid with


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Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp stated that his team has nothing to lose more than (1-3) against Real Madrid, and he must believe in the possibility of an uprising, in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.

Klopp said, in a press conference, on the eve of the upcoming match against Real Madrid: “There is not much to lose after losing 3-1, we have to try if we want to pass this role. It was only the first leg of this role.”

He added: “The result for me is not very important, nor is the performance, the important thing is to win the match and play the way we know it. We have to defend better against Real Madrid. I do not know if we will achieve the uprising, but we have to believe in the possibility of achieving it.”

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He continued, “Everyone talks about uprisings in the past and how the public affected. Now we have to create our own atmosphere. It is true that the lack of an audience may be an additional problem.”

Chloe concluded his speech, saying: “It will be a difficult match. I don’t know if there is anything that would stop Real Madrid from having chances. They beat Barcelona in a big game, and they are also in good shape. We must be 100% at our best levels in order to be able to play. We will have a chance. I’m sure we will try. ”

Liverpool, under the leadership of Club, made a historic comeback, “Remontada”, in front of its guest Barcelona, ​​by defeating it (4-0), on Tuesday, May 7, 2019, at Anfield, in the second leg of the semi-final of the Champions League for football. And that was after he had lost the “Reds” in the first leg (0-3) at the “Camp Nou”, the stronghold of Barcelona, ​​and surpassed the Catalan team (4-3) in the aggregate of the first and second matches, and reached the final match and crowned the title at the expense of Tottenham (2–2) 0).

It is noteworthy that the first-leg match between Real Madrid and Liverpool ended with the first victory (3-1), which took place between them last Tuesday, at the “Alfredo Di Stefano” stadium in the capital Madrid, and the confrontation between them will be renewed tomorrow, Wednesday, at the “Anfield” stadium in Liverpool.

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