Klopp alludes to Salah’s responsibility … “He used to end opportunities with his eyes closed.”


Liverpool failed to compensate for its loss in the first leg against Real Madrid and settled for a 0-0 draw at home, Wednesday, to bid farewell to the Champions League, and coach Juergen Klopp had no doubts about the reasons.

The 3-1 loss in Madrid could have been compensated in the first 20 minutes given the opportunities created by Liverpool.

The poor first-leg performance made the task more difficult at Anfield and the inactivity ended any hope for the team.

The German coach said: “You always need decisive moments. We did not lose the confrontation tonight, we lost it in Madrid. The situation was not comfortable in Madrid. We were good and we played fiercely and had opportunities. We did not score and then Real Madrid’s experience settled the confrontation.”

Salah responsibility

Mohamed Salah missed two early chances and the attacking trio, which the Egyptian player with Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane is playing, seemed far from his level in the last two seasons.

Klopp said, “We know that Mohamed Salah can finish these opportunities with his eyes closed. This did not happen. But we said farewell to the championship.”

Liverpool midfielder James Milner believes his team entered the match with the right spirit, but agreed with his coach that the final touch had let the team down.

“Performance, intensity and desire are all good things. But we did not take advantage of our chances and that is the difference. We definitely played better. We did enough to win the match.”

He continued: “We wanted to start the match and set the rhythm from the start. If we played with this intensity to go, the situation would change completely. Overall, we were not good over the course of the two matches.”

And the disastrous situation for Liverpool could worsen if it fails to reach the Champions League next season as it ranks sixth, which would be a strong economic blow to the club. ”

“We love this tournament and for other reasons it is important to qualify for it. Now we can focus on the league and we will do that,” Klopp said.

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