“KAUST” strengthens its strategic partnership with “Brooker”, the manufacturer of scientific devices – Saudi News


The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and the Broker Foundation today renewed the Memorandum of Understanding between them and expanded it to become a strategic partnership and cooperation agreement that reflects the continuing commitment of the two institutions to deepen their technological cooperation to achieve regional and global research excellence.KAUST and Broker enjoy a long-term relationship that began more than a decade ago, during which they achieved many remarkable achievements. For example, the two institutions signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2018 to launch the Kaust Brocker Center of Excellence in Magnetic Resonance (MR) within the main laboratories in Campus, with the aim of training university researchers in the latest technologies and innovative tools, as well as collaborating to develop pioneering tools that develop solutions to difficult scientific and engineering problems.

Dr Kun Lee, Acting Director of Major Facilities and Laboratories for Material Characterization, Nanofabrication and Plant Growth, says: “The KAUST-Brocker Center of Excellence in Magnetic Resonance Technology (KAUST) is helping to modernize and maintain the university’s Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) facility to meet researchers’ needs and enhance their expertise in specialized research. With electron magnetic resonance and dynamic nuclear polarization techniques, in addition to the ability to access the latest global technologies and participate in the technology forums of the Broker Foundation, which will place KAUST in a distinguished position that enables it to pre-plan its technologies and adapt them to future research needs. ”

Under this new agreement, KAUST and Brocker developed this center of excellence to include X-ray technologies, indicating an increased technological interaction between the two institutions, says Dr. Daniel Acevedo Velez, Interim Director of KAUST Core Laboratories and Research Infrastructure: “XRD technology is A very powerful technology that is widely used to study the structure of materials, and there is no doubt that KAUST’s partnership with Brooker helped transform the university’s XRD laboratory from a routine laboratory into a state-of-the-art state-of-the-art facility allowing the development of the most advanced technologies in this field locally, and we are also looking forward to expanding this partnership. More to include other x-ray technologies in the future ».

Dr. Frank Borghese, President of AXS Broker said: “The expansion of the Center of Excellence that was established to include X-ray characterization technologies is an important step to further deepen the cooperation between KAUST and Broker, as the advanced X-ray technology from Brooker enables university researchers to develop sustainable solutions. Pressing global challenges ».

It is noteworthy that the partnership between KAUST and Broker continues to grow steadily in other fields of technology, including mass spectrometry and advanced scanning probe microscopy. In February 2021, Brooker established an office for the Arab Broker Foundation in the Research and Technology City on the KAUST campus, which enhanced the level of customer support Brooker at the university and the world’s largest research community.

Dr. Falco Bossi, President of the Broker Group (BioSpin), says: “The comprehensive research ecosystem and infrastructure for scientific research, in addition to the comprehensive support and cooperation from the Broker Foundation, places KAUST in a prominent position in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the region and the international scientific community, as well as our long and fruitful relationship. “With KAUST and its researchers, it is a unique example of the fruitful relationship between seller and customer, which ultimately results in better scientific outcomes.”

Professor Donal Bradley, Vice President for Research at KAUST, said on this occasion: “The professional trust and collaborative efforts between KAUST and Broker have grown significantly since the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in 2018 to include all technical aspects and support services required by our scientists and partners, and there is no doubt that this renewed agreement is for it. A solid foundation urges us to move forward in all fields, especially in the field of national and regional research cooperation activities, workshops and training programs at the university, in addition to combining Brocker technologies and KAUST’s expertise to accelerate the growth and development of researchers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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