Juventus president mocks Italian clubs rejecting the European Super League


Juventus owner responded, Andrea Agnelli, On the criticism of Milan and Inter Milan, who joined the European Super League, which was already established with the approval of 12 clubs.

Juventus, Milan, Inter Milan, in addition to Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid announced their founding of the new tournament and it could start next August as an alternative to them for the Champions League.

There was a lot of criticism against Agnelli, especially from the president of UEFA, Alexander Ceferin, who described the owner of Juventus as a liar.

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Italian league

The Italian League clubs were discussing yesterday, Monday, the decision of Juventus, Inter Milan and Milan to separate from the Champions League, who accused Agnelli that this decision would give the three clubs the permanent ability to win the Calcio title.

The Italian League clubs believe that Juventus, Milan and Inter Milan will each year guarantee 350 million euros a year in European Super League This will give them the ability to win local championships and widen the difference.

Agnelli commented on the matter in statements carried by the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica”, and said: “I think that these clubs have been winning titles for 80 years and more.”


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