Justin Bieber surprises his fans with his Easter album Freedom


Global star Justin Bieber surprised his followers and fans around the world by launching a new album to coincide with Easter, titled FreedomInspired by the biblical writer, Billboard reports.

According to a number of foreign reports, the world star is the owner of the 27 He decided to surprise his fans with the album without prior notice, and through his personal accounts on the various social media platforms, he participated in the new album poster that included 6 New songs.

There is an album Freedom, After the sixth album Justice, Which first ranked # 1 on the chart Billboard 200 For albums, during the last period, and very popular.

And Patty Mallet, the mother of world star Justin Bieber, had objected to the tattoos that her son added to his body from time to time, as she commented on her son’s latest post on the Instagram site announcing the latest drawings that he added to his body to share with his fans and followers that drawing, but surprise Mallet’s comment Her Al45 A year old, her son and his followers on his post reviewing the new drawing, where she said to him, “Do you not have enough yet?”, To indicate the amount of many drawings that her son adds to his body continuously.

And Justin Bieber, old participated 27 He followed him with a picture of him while adding his new drawing in the neck area, which was a drawing of the “peach” fruit. His mother participated in the comments and shocked his fans by not liking those drawings that decorate the body of her son.


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