It solves the cooling and delivery of the vaccine dilemma … Hope looms from Pfizer


It was only hours after Pfizer announced that its vaccine was 100% effective for the age group between 12 and 15 years after it launched trials of a vaccine for children under 12 years, until another surprise was brought to the world.

The company plans these days to start testing a version of a vaccine that does not need super-cold storage like its predecessor, which was an obstacle to the distribution of vaccines, according to a report published by the Wall Street Journal.

The new version could facilitate the storage and handling of vaccination campaigns in rural areas of the United States and low-income countries if they are proven to be working safely.

Clinical trial

In April, the company is set to start a clinical trial to evaluate the so-called freeze-dried formula in adults between the ages of 18 and 55 in the United States, according to government data reported by the newspaper and confirmed by the company.

The study of 1,100 subjects will last about two months, as researchers seek to determine whether the freeze-dried version is as safe and effective as the one authorized by regulators that began late last year.

And if the experiments are successful, the new formula will be ready for use by early next year, according to the company.

Production solves a dilemma

It is noteworthy that this new version has great advantages because it does not need much cooling, and that would help in storing and expanding the arrival of vaccines to rural areas and low-income countries that lack specialized equipment.

In the past, the challenges of distributing vaccines were based on many reasons, the most important of which is storage operations, as the Pfizer and Biotech vaccine requires a temperature of -70 degrees Celsius, which requires a supply chain that allows temperature control and storage of the vaccine in refrigerators and cold boxes from stores until delivery. Logistics companies make adjustments to allow the vaccine to be handled, and unlike large freezers intended for bulk storage, freeze farms are designed to meet storage needs.

It is noteworthy that Pfizer was promising news a few days ago, as it announced the start of human tests for tablets to treat Corona, confirming that if the experiments were successful, the tablets could be prescribed to patients early in the infection to prevent the development of the virus, according to the agency “Bloomberg”.

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