It began with Moses and Pharaoh and ended in the court yards … What happened between Omar


09:00 AM

Tuesday 13 April 2021

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

Media Amr Adib announced, yesterday evening, Sunday, the prosecution of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, against the background of the latter’s mockery of him after the first criticized him for his program “The Story”, broadcast on MBC Egypt.

In the following lines, we review the most prominent details of the crisis between the famous duo:

The beginning of the crisis

Journalist Amr Adeeb criticized the artist Mohamed Ramadan’s reaction after he was obligated to pay 6 million pounds in compensation to the pilot “Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr” due to the damage he suffered as a result of the “plane image crisis,” where the young star appeared during a video lying in a swimming pool and throwing dollars into the water.

Adeeb said, during his program “Al-Hekaya”, broadcast on the satellite channel “mbc Egypt”, last Friday evening, that what was issued by the artist represents a provocation to the citizen in Egypt who is suffering in order to obtain a living, saying: “You are your enemy by throwing money in a country People are overflowing with quota. “

Amr Adeeb called on the artist, Muhammad Ramadan, to stop these actions, saying: “See today, Khaled al-Nabawi, when the whole country got tired, I stood upon a man.

Muhammad Ramadan responded

For his part, artist Mohamed Ramadan responded to Amr Adib’s criticism of him, and published a video clip that Adeeb addresses in which he says: “Oh Muhammad, we were the ones who thought Moses came out of Pharaoh”, while he was embodying the character of “Rifai Al-Desouki” that he presented in his series “Al-Ostoura” (2016) And he comments: “But oh Papa.”

Muhammad Ramadan continues to mock Adeeb

In a new video clip of him, Ramadan responded again to Amr Adeeb’s statements, and he combined a clip from one of his series with Adeeb’s hadith in which he said: “Oh, my son, give me my son, go back to your mind, my love, without being arrogant.”

Adeeb sued Muhammad Ramadan

After the journalist Amr Adib, on the videos published by Muhammad Ramadan, Adib said, during his program “The Story”, broadcast on the satellite channel “mbc Egypt”, on Sunday evening: “A person who is educated is a blessing, and if a person is not educated, he can meet the one who raises him. In her eyes and the idea that she is supported, I have no problem that I disagree with someone politely, and I will not enter into a little politeness argument, but if you do not have a problem, I will run you. “

He added, “There is a law in the country, and this law denied the right of many people, and I asked attorney Tariq Jamil Saeed to file a lawsuit against the abuse committed by the artist Muhammad Ramadan, and if I took any compensation, I would donate it to Abu Al-Rish Children Hospital, and oh, you, I am.” .


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