Israel is preparing for a second round of vaccination against Corona within 6 months


About 81 percent of Israelis and residents over the age of 16 have been vaccinated, and are eligible for the vaccine. Pfizer In Israel, the two doses of the vaccine are one of the fastest Vaccination campaigns In the world.

Israel said it plans to give vaccines to children between the ages of 12 and 15, subject to approval by the US Food and Drug Administration. And requested Pfizer Inc. And its partner, Biontec, authorized an emergency permit from the Food and Drug Administration earlier this month to use their vaccine to vaccinate this age group..

In televised remarks on Tuesday, Netanyahu said that Israel had agreed with Pfizer and Moderna to purchase 16 million additional doses for its estimated population of 9.3 million, adding, “We are planning another vaccination campaign within six months.”“.

“Be prepared if you want, and prepare the children too, because we estimate that by that time, vaccines for children will have been approved.”“.

Many experts say the vaccination of children and young people is a critical step towards adulthood Herd immunity And tame the pandemic. Pfizer says its vaccine is safe, effective, and produces strong antibody responses in those ages 12 to 15..

The CEO of Pfizer said it was “likely” that those vaccinated would need a third booster dose of the company’s two-dose vaccine within 12 months and may need annual doses..


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